How to Stay Cosy in the Winter

Photo by Paige McNeely

Happy New Year! This week I have decided to bring you my favourite way to stay cosy in the winter. So grab a tent and let’s have some winter fun! … Yes, I did say tent.

My roommates and I decided to set up a tent in our living room, and once filled with blankets and pillows it the perfect escape from the cold. After we all get home, we snuggle up inside and turn on our favourite TV show, which happens to be Real Housewives of Vancouver (Paige is going to kill me for saying that).

Hot chocolate and cozy pajamas are of course a must! My choice will always be these leopard ones from Target but as you can’t get them in Canada anymore has some super cute sets, some girlie and some more classic.  I have to say the best hot chocolate by far is that cookie flavoured one… I think it’s honestly just called chocolate chip cookie hot chocolate, I unfortunately can’t remember the brand!

Light some candles, preferably baking scented ones like Pumpkin Pecan Waffle from Bath and Body Works- this literally smells like heaven!

Then curl up and enjoy the show, or make fun of the show, which is what we tend to do, but only because I don’t think my roomies want to admit they like it 😉

Hope you are having a lovely January!



If you want to see more of’s newest collection you can check out their website as well you can find their lingerie sets.

I was not paid to promote their brand, everything is just my own honest opinion 🙂


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