DIY: Tailoring a Men’s Shirt


Welcome back!Nothing is more cosy than an oversized shirt in the winter, but it doesn’t mean it has to be baggy and shapeless. Today’s post is a quick DIY, how to turn an oversized insanely comfortable men’s shirt into a slightly more tailored version. All you need is a couple safety pins, and of course your shirt of choice, in this case we chose a plaid one, ’cause you can never go wrong with plaid.

Step 1: Put the shirt on inside out. It’s easiest to pin along the seams from the outside, and it helps to hide all the pins in the finished product. However, if you prefer the look of seeing the safety pins, go right ahead and keep the shirt the right way out… If that’s how you say that.. Inside out vs right way out?

Step 2: Pin the sleeves! Pull at the top of the shoulder until the sleeve is the appropriate length (usually right above the base of the thumb), then pin up the excess material. Don’t worry if it is sticking up a bit because when you flip the shirt right way round it will lie flat. That’s the beauty of pinning along the seem.

Step 3: Pin the Back! Create two tucks at the back by pinching together the fabric in the middle of your back, right below your shoulder blades. This will help create a more cinched/fitted look. Depending on what shape you want the shirt to have will dictate how many tucks/how much you take in. On Paige (see above) I decided on only two tucks as I wanted to keep the shirt’s quite straight shape.

Step  4: Now flip the shirt right way round and adjust any bits you might see that are still out of place. You could add another tuck, or raise the sleeves a bit more. It all depends what you’re feeling that day! You could even raise the hemline a little bit if you feel the shirt is too long.

And that’s it!

Hope you are all having a lovely January!




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