How to Wear a Sleeveless Jacket

Hello everyone! Today’s fashion post is about sleeveless jackets (although I am sure you already gathered that information from the title!). Duster coats and sleeveless jackets are an amazing piece to have in your wardrobe, because they are so versatile! The next couple videos are going to feature sleeveless jackets, but today’s is a more business casual/dressed up version.

Duster jackets are a good choice for the summer months as they don’t feel like you are wearing as much fabric. This style of jacket is much more modern, but still a classy and “grown up” choice.

This Topshop one is great for the office or a fancier night out as it is structured like a blazer. This gives it a more formal feel, and can really be useful if you are short on time. Pair it with an all black outfit (or black and white like I did), some nice shoes, and you are set to go! It can also be worn with a long casual dress to make it more office appropriate.

There are many available, and you can find them in various colours, cuts, and fabrics. Topshop has multiple on their website, some flowy and some more formal (like the one I am wearing). Vero Moda and Dex also offer some of their own versions of the duster jacket.

Hope you are having a lovely day!



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