A fresh start and a few thoughts about body confidence



Welcome back! Both to me and everyone else. I’ve taken a long break from blogging, and am hoping this new blog will help to reflect the new me. Oh yes, I’m going for the typical “new year, new me!” But I think now I have a valid reason for it.

I took a long break from blogging, not because I didn’t love it anymore but because I didn’t love myself anymore, and that is such a shame! Over the past year my body and my mind has changed. I gained a lot of weight and felt foreign in my own skin. I didn’t feel like myself anymore. I would hide in sweatpants and ill fitted clothing, hoping that no one would notice the way I felt about myself, and it really was all about the way I saw myself. I felt like a failure, out of control, and kept it all inside. I would use food to cope, which was definitely the wrong coping mechanism. Thankfully I finally admitted that I need help, which for anyone else who is a perfectionist is one of the most difficult things to do! I am blessed with the most supportive family and as well as seeking professional help for some things I couldn’t change on my own, my family has worked with me to help me feel better in the most important way: on the inside.

While feeling better on the inside is most important, feeling good on the outside is almost equally so. When your pants don’t fit and you struggle to get dressed every morning, no matter how good you feel inside it’s not going to make you feel like you look better. As my Mom has always said there is nothing wrong with going an getting bigger clothes, you should use it as an opportunity to feel better, not worse about yourself. And so after picking up so new clothes, as well as a new outlook I have decided to start again.

I am going to start blogging again, and doing what I love no matter my size, shape or state. I encourage anyone else feeling down about themselves to take a step back, reevaluate, and embrace their body for what it is! Not all of us are tall, short, curvy, thin or athletic. No ones body is the same, nor should we compare ourselves to others.  So let this new blog be a space to embrace every part of us both what we love about ourselves as well as what we’d like to improve.

Let’s look forward to healthy food recipes (as well as some unhealthy ones, a girls gotta stay sane), outfits, and some beauty-both inner and outer- posts.

Lots of love,



3 thoughts on “A fresh start and a few thoughts about body confidence

  1. I’m so glad to see that you’re back to blogging and more importantly, that you’re feeling better about yourself. You’re so beautiful inside and out! ❤️


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