Back from a weeks vacation


Hello everyone! Taking a week’s vacation after only one week of blogging? May be a bit early to need one, but it’s that time in the school year where everything is starting to get crazy. So last week my brother came to visit and I stayed at my boyfriend’s house for the week as a kind of mini vacay.

Today is my first day “back” (I did still have class and all last week, but I’m now back at my own apartment), so I decided to go for a very comfy outfit! As some may know, Montreal got hit with a huge snowstorm last week which has left us with now warm weather and piles of snow so unfortunately a jacket is still needed.

This week’s outfit is the LBD of casual wear: a simple jeans and t-shirt ensemble. My jeans are from American Eagle, Boots from Hudson’s Bay, and the shirt is one I “borrowed”from my  boyfriend, it’s an old high school shirt.

Super comfy and practical for the bus ride to class! And to come home and relax this evening 🙂


Hope you all are enjoying the slightly warmer weather and sunshine today!





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