Literary Launch Glam

Hello everyone! Last week I was invited to attend the Soliloquies Anthologies literary launch (my roommate is editor in chief). It was held at the Divan Orange here in Montreal, and it was so nice to dress up fancy and listen to some amazing writing!

After many outfit changes, all in an effort to conceal as much cleavage as possible, I settled on this outfit. While still a bit revealing (sorry Mum!) I think it lended me a classic silhouette!

The skirt is from Topshop, shirt from Sirens, and I matched my lipstick using one from NYX. Both my roommate and I are obsessed with this lip colour. I also had not quite washed my hair in few days so I use slicked it all back into a low ponytail.

Yes, I am indeed barefoot in this picture, I didn’t want to put on any shoes in the house, and the ones I wore were just flat sandals- so they could be hidden under my skirt!

So for today’s joy: I found joy in the beauty of words.



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