My Simple Everyday Makeup Routine

Hello everyone! A number of people have requested that I do a post on my makeup routine, so here it is πŸ™‚ It’s quite quick and simple (although I’m sure some will disagree with both of those statements) and takes me about 15 minutes to complete. I love wearing makeup and will even wear it when I’m just at home or running errands. Taking those 15 minutes a day to apply makeup is my favourite, and I am always excited when I go to bed for the next days makeup. I know there are some who don’t feel like people wear makeup because they like it and that it’s to look good for others, but there will be no makeup shaming here, a negativity towards it will be met with only kindness, because that is simply not true ( ok, mini rant over).

So here is what my makeup looks like on a day to day basis:


I think it looks quite natural, and enhances my features πŸ™‚

I have started to only use mineral foundation on my face, and I have seen a HUGE improvement in my skin’s tone and quality. No more breakouts, and my skin tone is evening out. On to the makeup look!

Face: (Basically the same as my last tutorial post)

  1. I start out by concealing under my eyes and any red spots with the Maybelline Master Conceal palette. I have it in the shade Light and I mix the two concealer shades together to get a perfect match. I’ll use the lighter shade more under my eyes to highlight a bit. You can use you fingers or a tiny concealer brush, like I do.
  2. Next I mix together two foundations: Bellapierre Mineral Foundation in Cinnamon (a yellow undertoned medium shade) and The Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals foundation in Rose Vanilla ( a tan shade with pink undertones). I mix them simply because I don’t have one that matches my fake tan! I apply that all over my face with a kabuki brush.
  3. To wamr up my face and contour a tad, I use the Bellapierre Mineral Bronzer in Warming Tan. I buff that under my cheekbones, along my jawline, and across my forehead, again using a kabuki brush.
  4. To my cheeks I add a sweep of Bellapierre Mineral Foundation in Desert Rose. This a super natural and pretty dusty rose colour πŸ™‚

And that’s it for my face!


  1. To frame my face (and eyes) I fill in my eyebrows using the Benefit Brow Zings in the shade 5. Then I brush them through with Essence Make Me Brow to set them.
  2. For my eyeshadow I only use one palette, the Stila Eyes are the Window Palette in Soul ( I bought this last year when I was working in a mall and never used it). I add the shade Vitality (an old gold) to my brow bone and inner corner.
  3. Next I add a bronze colour called Affection to my lid and run it along my lower lashline.
  4. In the crease I sweep a mixture of Individual (a matte warm brown) and Being (a matte dark brown), and then blend it out with a fluffy brush.
  5. To line my eyes I use a Stila liquid eyeliner pen. This is the best eyeliner pen ever! It has lasted me since August, and that’s with almost everyday use. I do quite an extended cat eye, starting from the outer corner and working my way in.
  6. Next I line my upper waterline with Maybelline’s Line Express… It claims to be waterproof but I haven’t found it to be so! Once I’ve finished it I don’t think I’m going to repurchase it.
  7. I add a bit of mascara to my top lashes, I just use a sample size of the Make Up For Ever Excessive Lash. It’s a great mascara! I only use sample size mascaras because I usually apply false eyelashes after.
  8. Using a bit of Duo lash glue I apply some natural false eyelashes. The ones I wear I think are Quo 800? It’s either those or I always wear the Ardell Demi Wispies.
  9. Then I curl my eyelashes (once the glue is dry) to make sure my real ones and the falsies blend together.

Lips: So simple!

  1. I line my lips with a nude lipliner… Sometimes it’s Mac’s Soar or L’Oreal Natural. I overline my lips slightly to create definition and make them look a bit fuller.
  2. The I apply a clear lip balm and blend the edges of the liner so there is no harsh lines.

And that’s it! Seems like a lot, but once it’s a down pat routine it doesn’t take a lot of time πŸ™‚

Most of the products that I used can be found on They have free shipping and show everything in Canadian prices! If you click the link here it’ll take you to their website. Please keep in mind that this is my affiliate link and so I will make a small percentage. If you don’t feel comfortable using feel free to visit their regular site here.



I hope you enjoyed this look! Let me know if there is any other types of posts you’d like to see.




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