May LookFantastic Beauty Box #Ad


Hello everyone! I apologize for my two week break, but I started a new job and needed some time to adjust 🙂 But I am now back! And will continue with my 2-3 posts a week schedule. I didn’t have any cute outfits to show you, but do have this cute beauty box.

This one is from LookFantastic a UK beauty company and it’s my favourite. I was subscribed to another for a  while, but I found this one to have more products I enjoy 🙂

This month’s box is all about the summer glow! It comes with seven products that all revolve around it’s theme Get the Glow.

This months box includes:

H20 Gradual Tan Mist Spray

System Professional Luxe Oil (so excited about this product! I love hair oils)

System Professional Solar Oil (yet another hair oil, this one is supposed to help protect your hair from UV damage and pollution)

Scrub Love Coconut Cranberry Body Scrub

Mellow Baked Eyeshadow in Peach (most likely going to use this as a highlight)

Real Chemistry Luminous 3 Minute Peel (tbh this makes me nervous, so I may not try it out)

Glov Hydro DeMaquillage (a makeup removing wipe)

I haven’t tried out any of the products yet, but I can’t wait to! This box is like a little gift to all budgeting beauty addicts like me 🙂 It’s $19.58/month and it quashes my need to ever buy makeup as I know some is always coming in the mail 🙂 Exciting and economically friendly!

You can buy the box here. There are three different subscription plans and the longer you subscribe the lower the monthly cost.

I will do an updated post about what I think about all the products later on 🙂

Sorry that this post was so quick! But always in a rush when I get home,

Hope you enjoyed this post and all have a lovely day!



*Disclaimer: The link above is my affiliate link, so I can track my followers and make a small credit off of each purchase. If you don’t feel comfortable using the link, please find the regular site here at: 🙂


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