Let’s Chat About: Body Confidence


Hello everyone, it has taken me a long time to write this blog post and I think it is finally ready to be shared. Not only because I wanted to share this adorable photo of Ryan and I (how cute!) but also because this photo is what inspired this blog post. I feel like it is an important post to add before I begin weekly blogging again!

As some may know I have gained quite a large amount of weight this year, 50lbs to be exact. And while I was never 100 per cent confident in my body before this weight gain, it definitely didn’t help. For a long time I hid, a no longer posted pictures or blog posts that you could see my body. And then back in March (if you read my first post this year) I decided enough was enough and I was going to start the journey to loving myself and my body again, but like anything I got a bit discouraged.

You’ll notice a lack of blog posts, mainly due to my starting a new job, but also there had been some nasty comments left on a few of my posts, and that did nothing to help the fact that I already felt like I looked a mile wide in every photo. That low self-confidence and negative feelings towards my body continued until I saw this picture today.

I love it! But I was about to delete it because I don’t like the way my arm looks, and that’s just not a feeling I want to accept any longer. I think that I should look at this photo and love how happy and lively we look,! And remember how amazing that awards night was, and how much fun we had. It shouldn’t be ruined by my own insecurities because what’s stopping those insecurities from causing me to not only delete photos but continue to hide inside my home?

Many people struggle with body confidence, and low self esteem and I think it’s time for us all to take back our bodies and share what we feel makes us feel beautiful ❤

So mini rant aside, I really want to make this blog into a space where positive body image can flourish 🙂 So from now on, all posts shall feature photos that remind me of joy and happiness, and not be based how I or whoever they are of look in them, so be prepared for some possibly unflattering pictures ❤

I also want to encourage my readers to join in the blogging! I’ve had some lovely emails from various readers, and I think it could be fun to have posts from others! Whether they be thoughts, ideas, fashion posts, or food posts 🙂

Let’s make this blog a space we all enjoy coming to 🙂 New posts shall be up at least twice a week from now on, and they shall continue to be a variety of things. All suggestions shall be warmly welcomed!







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