Casual Weekend Style


Hello everyone! Let me start off this post by saying that I was actually happy in these photos (hard to tell, I know!). These pictures just happen to be the ones that turned out best, but I promise I was not trying to “smize” on purpose!

This was my lazy Sunday outfit this week 🙂 Truthfully I only wore it for about an hour, but that still counts, right?

The dress is super comfy and was on sale at Dynamite a few weeks ago.I love Dynamite’s clothes for their fit and fabric! They are always such nice quality for a relatively low price. Although, I realized when I got home that I’d accidentally bought it in the wrong size 😦 I read size small on the tag but it was actually an extra small, and the result is the dress being a tiny bit too tight on my upper arms. Which is all fine until I have to reach for something above shoulder level, so I’m afraid I looked a bit stiff all day as I wasn’t reaching for very many things!

I love that the dress has a vertical striped pattern (the best pattern for those of us who are vertically challenged). And of course I am barefoot! 1) because it’s summer and 2) because I was way too lazy to find shoes when I wasn’t actually going to be leaving the house.

I’m loving the off the shoulder look for summer, as it is elegant and makes simple dresses look a tiny bit fancier.

I believe Dynamite’s summer sale is still going on and that this dress is still available- but I would recommend buying it in your  correct size 🙂





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